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More Door Locking Woes???

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Hi all, brand new here (bit of an awkward first place to post, but such is life  :whistler:).

Car is a UK 2015 GD 5 Door Hatchback, Diesel 1.6CRDi, manual, second facelift if I read wikipedia pictures correctly.

Very recently, the front passenger door stopped opening, and cannot be opened from the inside or outside. Central locking repeatedly does nothing. I can hear it clicking on the pax door but no results.

If I pull on the interior door handle, I can see the cable moving with the handle and have tried to apply pressure to it (sticking a slot screwdriver onto the cable to push it), but with no results.
I've also tried using the central locking with the car running (to get more volts on the battery) to try and unlock it, but also no results.

Since the door is effectively jammed, I can't really get the door card off (once doesn't count) and as such have limited access to any internal stuff to look at things.

I've read a lot of issues on here concerning busted actuators and jammed mechanics, which appear to be a recurring theme, so really this is a bit of a cry for help in case anyone has any ideas before I throw in the towel and call up a mechanic. If I could just get the door open, I don't mind replacing something myself, but at the moment it's stuck fast. Any ideas?

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Not the easiest of predicaments. As a first step, I'd be running some tubing into the doorlock region to get loads of silicone or some other suitable lubricant as close to the mechanism as possible.
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I think i might be having/had the same issue i have been looking online for a good few weeks to any info at all about the fault and this is the closest i have found.

Out of nowhere my passenger front door wouldnt open outside or in . The boot also wouldnt unlock with the rest of the doors. But then i noticed the boot Would open using the boot unlock button in the centre of the keyfob.

A few Days ago i was on my break work and it was raining very heavily so i decided to go and Sit in my Car. After about 10/15 i noticed the map light /Interior Light still had not went out yet (Engine wasnt running but key was in ignition for Music the light would normaly fade out after 30 seconds or so i had also noticed the locking button the light would always blink untill the cars auto lock would kick in. when working as it should this light would be static. The map light starting to bug me on my break i set the switch to always off even when the doors would open the map light wont come on) 

My lunch Break time and the rain had got worse if anything so back to the car i went. After about 5/10 i noticed the lock button light was no longer blinking. Its has been blinking the whole time I have had the door an boot fault so i joked to my self "haha i bet my door works now" leaned over pulled the handle and sure enough the door popped open my first thought was is the boot working again jumped out pressed the boot lactch button under the boot handle its self and sure enough it opened too. tested it all another few times all was fine for just under a week

Yesterday i was in the car trying to read something so set the map light to auto it came on for its normal 30 seconds i seen what i had to read an off i went about my day hours later when i returned to my car as i was driving noticed the lock button was blinking again when it had the fault i reached over at a set of light tried my passanger door and it was stuck again. When i got home i tried my boot and it wouldnt open unless i used the middle button on the keyfob.

The only thing i could think of i have done differently was set the interior light back on to auto. So i set the light back to Off.  Turned the car off took the key out the ignition locked the car with keyfob waited 20 or so seconds pressed unlock and to my utter bemusement the door and the boot would once again function as they should.

i hope this bring some type of short term resolution to your problem as well
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