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2013 I40 Diesel Auto - Flutter under light acceleration

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Hi, first post but a long time reader.

In January I bought a 2013 i40 auto diesel. Ran nicely to start, but quickly developed a flutter/stutter that has appeared off and on quite randomly. Engine light - P2015 appeared, but has since gone and no record of it in diagnostics.

As time has passed, the issue has intensified and become more common. Current symptoms:
At idle - sometimes will oscillate between 800-900 revs, rough.
Under light acceleration - engine has a flutter/stutter, can even seem to kangaroo hop, particularly occurs shortly before changing into the next gear.
Cruising - at any speed eg 40kmph, 60, 80, 90, 100 will stutter, whether using cruise control or just pedal.
Deceleration - when coming to a complete stop, it struggles to find the right idle speed and will feel like it wants to stop, even though it doesn’t drop below 800revs.
Increased fuel consumption by 1-2L/100kmph (15-20%)
At times, simply runs rough while cruising, a mild engine vibration.

However, these symptoms still appear random. For example, today they were apparent for the first 1/2hr of driving, around town and on the highway, several stops. Then later, it’s driving smooth as can be after having not driven the car for 1/2hr.

Attempted fixes already done:
Engine clean using spray into throttle body (after first go, it ran smooth for a week before returning to usual problems) Manual clean of throttle body, intake manifold,  egr pipe (ran smooth for an evening, then returned to problems). Test of injector leak off (all good). Test for electrical leakage, no issues. Fuel injector cleaner additive in fuel, fuel doctor additive for diesel bug. Clean of MAFS, Turbo Boost pressure sensor. Manual I ntercooler clean. Replacement of SCV.

Next: will change fuel filter early. Also replacing air intake hose due to a recent crack in it, but have temporarily taped it up to reduce vacuum leak. Current KMS - 199,000.

I have been reading and watching everything I can find, and my father who’s a retired mechanic has been assisting. Would greatly appreciate some direction as I’m losing my mind  :crazy2: Thanks in advance.
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