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P2002 error with brand new DPF

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About 7 years I have had my DPF emptied. But this year the emission tests have gotten stricter, and my car failed the test. So I had no choice but to have one installed again.  This was a month ago.

The car has also been chiptuned by myself. When the DPF had been removed the shop that did that also made some modifications.  I have kept all previous versions of the software, including the original.

So recently I thought I could put back the original software because there was no need anymore to "write away the dpf". But now I'm getting error P2002, and the car now goes into limp mode.
I googled of course, and read that it might have to do with a damaged DPF, but mine is brand new. So what could it be?

By the way: I also see error P1406, which seems to have something to do with EGR. I've "written away" the EGR in my tuning. This error never gave problems in real life.
Another thing: about a year ago I blew my turbo. A new turbo was installed and the car was fine again. Although it seemed to have lost some power compared to the old turbo.

I could "write away" the DPF again . That would probably solve the issue in the mean time, but on the other hand: then it will never be regenerated.
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If anyone still wants to know...
My first try was to replace the DPFE (the exhaust gas differential pressure sensor). I got this idea from searching on Youtube. This was a cheap option, much cheaper than taking the car to a repair shop. Unfortunately this didn't work. In the mean time I had found a way to measure the raw values from the DPFE in Torque. These seemed quite high, which indicated a clogged DPF. I then fixed that with a foam spray cleaner. The measured values showed me that it had worked. The P2002 and P1406 errors went away, but instead I got a new error: P1405, which indicates a problem with regeneration. It was hard to find good information about it. Torque was no help here either. When I tried another OBD reader I found that one of the exhaust gas temperature sensor values was invalid. And once I changed this sensor, all errors were gone.

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That's great feedback mate - thanks :D
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Hello Brother.
I'd be very interested to hear about how you write away the EGR code, or altogether turn off or deactivate the EGR. I know people have strong opinions in regards to it being a good thing or a bad thing, and I respect each person's views and reasons.
I have a 2008 i30 D4FB here.
I'd like to turn EGR off, remove the hardware and link the coolant hoses.
I see you've mentioned it a few times, could you share how you managed to do it?
I was going to place a switch in line with the AC clutch so that the ECU would see AC on and leave EGR closed, and when I wanted to actually use the AC, use the switch.
Unsure if it would work or not, or cause other flow on effects, was just a thought, after reading forums for two weeks.
You're the only individual I have seen that has actually delved into ECU territory to address it. Any feedback or tips/hints would be greatly appreciated, but I understand that you may wish to keep it to yourself.
Anyone else welcome to add their successes too.

Cheers from New Zealand.
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