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2022 i30 running cables from front to rear and removing rear seat base

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Hi all

I need to run some cables from the front to the rear of my current model elite.

First one is for a power outlet I need in the boot area.

Second one is the USB cable for my dash cam rear channel camera.

Any hints tips/tricks for getting cables from the front to the rear?

Thinking I'll run them along the drivers side under the door trims, so any tips in removing these without damaging them?

Also, how does the rear seat base section come out? The front side of it lifts out of its clips fine, but I cannot seem to dislodge the rear part to get the whole base section out of the way. I knowmthus shouldn't be tricky to do as its the access to the fuel pump etc, so maybe I'm just trying to pull it in the wrong direction.

Thanks to all in advance.
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Hi, Mick. I'm not familiar with anything but the FD but I did a similar thing to get my rear camera going. I ran my cable close alongside the existing loom going, as you say, along the driver's doorframe and back, but only for its video line. The power line I tapped off the rear brakelight cluster.
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Hi @88mick88

I had to do similar when installing a towbar on a 2017 PD (don't laugh technically I can pull the skin off a bowl of custard now!).  I went the same route your alluding (drivers side, down low along the plastic trim that is between the doors and floor carpet).

Gawd it wasn't fun I will tell you that.  Tips?   Umm go slow, ideally get yourself a proper trim removal kit, watch some Youtube tuts on removing common plastic auto trims, once you get a few bits off you'll get the idea of where to attack and when you're prying in the right or wrong place.

I found it handy to have a piece of strongish wire with a hook bent in the end of it that you can use to feed back through holes, connect the wires to and pull through very tricky sections.  I know when I went through the hatchback section do the rear seats I needed this and also from the rear to front seat sections.

Sometimes worth using silicone spray/lube on the cable. Have a good flash night or head lamp.   Dont yank or force stuff, if it's not coming out easy - take a lil extra time to relook at it, as you are likely coming at it from the wrong way/technique.

I didn't have to lift out the read seat - I went around the outside of the rear seats, behind the wall trim thats up at head level - its easy to remove - like I said thats in the hatchback PD though. Might be different for you. The advantage I had was it was an official Hyundai kit - so came with decent instructions, not sure if yours is this or a generic but all the trim will come off, wires and cables can be tucked into any number of places, proper tools and lube will help a lot as if its for power etc you don't want to accidently cut them or have up against metal screws etc that might cut into them and cause a short/possible fire.
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I've fitted towbars on both FD and GD variants. On the FD I ran a wire from the fusebox to the boot area. I didn't have to take the rear seat backrest out, just the plastic trim along the bottom of the doors, and the interior trim which can be removed after unscrewing the support for the parcel shelf. On the GD there was a 12V socket in the boot I could pick the power off. Even if there's no 12V outlet, have you checked whether the wiring is there? I think most car makers would try and fit a common wiring harness even if the accessory isn't fitted.

I also have a rear webcam to fit, I was going to run the cable under the roof lining.
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