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Changing the Automatic Transmission Oil 2019 Diesel i30

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Accidentally drained the transmission oil under the car.
Can’t find where to replace it.
Looked online and seen many videos saying remove air filter and filler plug is underneath.
Is it different on the newer diesel models?
Is there a dipstick?
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So how did you end up getting on with this?  Sounds like a bugger of a situation as your 2019 diesel would have the 7 speed DCT - I'm guessing you undid that very large hex head bolt on the underside of the DCT and drained it?

Did you know this was the DCT or did you do this accidently thinking it was something else?

Refilling it is a tricky thing and IIRC you have to remove the passenger front wheel to get proper access to the DCT fill point - I was looking for it once and could not find it but its known for being hard to get at - and then you have to have the car level to fill and very specific fluid only for the DCT.

If I had to guess I'd say you might have either been out of action for a while - or needed to be towed somewhere?   Tricky situation to be in - let us know how it went.
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