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Clutch problems diagnostic - 2011 1.6 CRDI

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I have a 2011 1.6 CRDI 6-gear with 177k km. Bought it with 166k

I’ve noticed a few problems after driving this beautiful car for a year, but I dont know how to solve them and I’m trying not to get swindled by a mechanic because this is my frist car and I don’t have anyone I trust in a city I moved to…

- Clutch engaging low / very close to the floor. It doesn’t have that clear bite point somewhere in the middle

- Sometimes it’s hard to put it into 1st gear and reverse

- Car sometimes judders when accelerating in 1st gear. This only happens after starting the car, not when starting at a light for example

- Idle revs are variable. They’re between 700-1000 when in neutral or holding the clutch - is this normal?

Clutch is not slipping.
Unfortunarely no service history, but I changed the oils and filters when I bought the car

Any ideas for any of these? Thanks
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I can recall many moons ago there was a lot of threads about clutch bite point.  It was felt that it was a problem but the threads died away, I feel that people just got used to the bite point and that became their norm.  Just thinking out load.  Can't help you further. 
Good luck

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My old car is also 2011 CRDi and had new clutch fitted last year. Here in link to video showing the old parts

:link: Hyundai i30 clutch after 250K miles - YouTube

This also had problem with clutch not fully releasing with pedal down to the floor, so very difficult to engage 1st gear or reverse. The slave cylinder was also leaking. It would be quite easy and cheap to replace the slave cylinder, this is made easier if you take the radiator out for better access. If that makes little or no difference, then maybe the clutch is due for changing. As you can see in video, the release bearing has a plastic body with a metal plate to transfer the force from slave cylinder. When the metal is worn away, the force bears directly on the plastic and it bends, so the release bearing doesn't move enough distance to release the clutch completely.
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- Clutch engaging low / very close to the floor. It doesn’t have that clear bite point somewhere in the middle

This happened to me.  I ignored it for as long as I could but then just the other day the pedal just went flop.  Check the fluid level in the reservoir or run it to a garage and ask them.  Mine isn't 100% diagnosed but it's at a garage having the slave cylinder and clutch replaced as I type as the general consensus is there's a leak in the systems somewhere.

Good luck, I too love my i30 hahaha
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