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April 16, 2024, 05:26:04 by Xbjoz | Views: 4283 | Comments: 3

Hi All,

When I wash the front windscreen the rear wipers come on at the same time, as the washer motor feeds both front and rear windows (but reverses the impeller direction to feed the rear) the rear window always runs the wiper with the window dry.

When I wash the rear window only the front wipers don't operate. (the rear washer doesn't work but that's a separate issue)

Is there something I have actuated that I can turn off or is this some kind of weird fault I'm seeing?
April 04, 2024, 04:55:08 by SankarAu | Views: 3211 | Comments: 4

Tail Gate
Here's a tip for those who face the issue of the rubber of the Liftgate/Trunk/Hatch Release/Opening Switch deteriorating or crumbling. Don't leave it for too long or the internal switch mechanism will fall out and the following fix will be moot. I was lucky, that happened to me but I was able to find it on my garage floor!

I cut out a piece of bicycle inner tube (you can use any thin and flexible rubber) and glued it into place. It's out of sight so I didn't worry too much about how it looked. Anyone could do a prettier job.  :)

I reckon I saved a few quid.

Good luck.


April 04, 2024, 03:35:43 by SankarAu | Views: 4993 | Comments: 5

Spark Plug
My baby has clocked over 140k kms and feels slightly rough. I've picked up a 4-pack of NGK SILZKR7B11. They are all uniformly factory gapped at 0.98mm. A google search gives me gaps between 0.9 and 1.1 in various sites.

Can anyone enlighten me on the factory recommended gap, please? It's the Trophy model (Australia) if that makes a difference.

March 18, 2024, 12:06:40 by Sydney Lady | Views: 7018 | Comments: 11

Door Locking
Hi everyone, long time since I last posted. I thought I would share my current problem to see if anyone else has had similar.

I have the same door locking electronics issue as per my last post :link: i30 Door locking/unlocking by itself

History - i30 auto 2013 hatch. Keyless entry. Drivers side door outside button stopped working ages ago. was quoted too much just to take off the door to have a look so have been just using the keyfob. Passenger door outside button works ok.

For quite a while now when I approach my locked car on the drivers side, the door locks start opening and closing continuously by themselves without me ...
March 02, 2024, 20:57:47 by Bob.W | Views: 19544 | Comments: 35

Check Engine Light
Hello Everyone,

In short, fully functional JUL17 PD, no physical damage, always garaged etc - driving into down yesterday in dry weather and with no seeming reason suddenly the display shows 'Check AEB system' error/warning msg. Multiple other icons also being lit up in amber.

Vehicle continues to drive normally - but becomes evident that multiple functions as lit up are 'disabled' i.e 'Autohold' lit up, tested and not working, same with cruise control - so assume likely the same with the other icons in amber (ABS,  stability control etc).

Checked online first thing to try was cleaning front/dash camera area - this did nothing. Appears fine, slight dust in camera lens area but within normal expected levels.<...
January 27, 2024, 12:10:42 by i30bluedrive | Views: 3805 | Comments: 6

Hi all, I am after some advice regarding maintenance on my 2014 i30 1.6 crdi bluedrive. The vehicle has done 81k miles .

I have had the car in for a fuel filter replacement today, as was unsure when this was last done. During the health check they picked up a few things :

-The alternator belt is starting to crack (this was something I was aware of and monitoring already) - I would just like to know a figure of how much this is likel to replace (fully fitted).

-On the health check they noted that the clutch pedal biting point is quite low to the floor which they said is indicative of the clutch needing to be replaced soon.

-I haven't had any issues with the clutch such as slipping etc and it seems...
January 22, 2024, 20:16:47 by frisby1971 | Views: 4630 | Comments: 13

Hello there,
I have tried to search for the answer with key words, but nothing that is matching

We have a Hyundai i30 FD 16v CDRi Diesel 2008.
When we bought her, some times the ‘ESP off’ goes on in the display.
Sometimes it stays there for a while. After a stop, it reveals again but disappears then.
Strange….. the switch underneath the steering wheel does not give the solution. Or it does not work.
But that is not why I post this quest

Lately we experience a major problem
We drive, but after some time the car slows down, the ABS light goes on, the car stops and the wheels are locked for a long time. (At least one hour)
The break paddle can not be pressed down. Resistance.
Does a...
January 16, 2024, 12:34:00 by moohoof | Views: 4040 | Comments: 6

I am trying to replace the battery in a 2018 i30 SE NAV T-GDI S-A, as it didn't hold up well during a recent cold snap. However, I can't seem to remove the positive battery terminal (pictured). The negative one is straightforward, but the assembly of the positive lead seems to be held in place by electrical cables that have no give/leeway.

Has anyone had any experience in removing these?

From looking at it, I think it should be just a matter of loosening the lower nut in the first picture, and then lifting the assembly, but there is no slack in the cable to do this.

January 11, 2024, 09:22:34 by James Bond | Views: 2710 | Comments: 3

Windscreen Washer
i30 Petrol  67 plate in the UK

Happy New Year all.
 There is nothing coming out of the drivers side washer, but the passenger side is working okay.
Ive tried the old 'stick a pin in the jet part'. 
From what I can see a pipe goes from the water bottle up the left hand side of the engine, then dissapears under a big black plastic covering the length of the windscreen. I dont want to try and remove that if possible. Im assuming there must be a t-junction where one pipe leads from to the drivers washer port, and the other side runs along underneath to the passenger side.

Is it worth trying to get some sort of air compressor to see if it unblocks it, or will that wreck the small plastic port where the s...
December 28, 2023, 15:31:10 by LeeBee2546 | Views: 2733 | Comments: 2

Brake Pads
Hi all, I’m after seeing if anyone else has had the same problem I’m having with my 2010 i30 1.6 crdi.
When my car is cold as I use the brakes even a touch, they stick for a few seconds, the pedal doesn’t return properly and the brake lights stay on. After a few seconds they release. When the car is up to temperature it doesn’t happen. I have bled the brakes and replaced the fluid, I have also had the vacuum pump replaced (€360🤬 after this being diagnosed by a mechanic).
It’s still happening though. Any ideas or has anyone else had the same problem ?
Thanks, Lee
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