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April 02, 2023, 03:34:07 by Bob.W | Views: 1078 | Comments: 7

Grill (new shape #2)
Hi All,

We live rural - winter is coming and its dark earlier. I've considered placing a smallish LED bar on the front of our 2017 PD but alas mounting it is rather tricky.

The easiest solution is to get one of the brackets that screws into the licence plate holes: LED BRACKET

The first issue w...
April 01, 2023, 08:37:55 by ntebis | Views: 1257 | Comments: 6

Wise Owl
I had to replace the headlamp in my i30 and I remembered the joy of trying to do that in a such cramped space with no way to get a good grip.

So I designed and 3d printed a small tool that can unlock the assembly in 1 second with minimal force.

Demo video:

You can download the tool here :link: Printables
March 22, 2023, 22:51:38 by Hyundai i30 1.4 | Views: 3834 | Comments: 26

Hello guys, I’ve just bought a Hyundai i30 model year 2016. It’s a 1.4 petrol engine, type g4lc and I have a problem with the oil pressure, hope you can give me some advices. It first happen when the engine was warm, when I started the car the engine oil light came up so I checked the oil level and it was ok, I towed the car to a shop and they changed the oil pressure sensor and checked the oil pressure and it was all fine. After I drove like 20 km and shut down the engine and restarted after 10 minutes the oil light came up again. I checked the oil pressure again and it is low. I mention that the engine was changed by the dealer when the car was in warranty and it currently has about 65.000 km.                                      Does any...
March 22, 2023, 10:46:22 by Kenzato | Views: 2076 | Comments: 2

Problems & Issues
Hello guys. I am having a bit of an issue with condensation and moisture in my late 2012 1.6 crdi.

Every time i go to my car its full of condensation on every window, especially prevelant on the rear. Any thing in the luggage is noticably moist too.

I always run the ac on and have tried leaving it on for long ride (3 hours) until the car was as dry as it can be.

Day after condensation wasnt bad but after that day it became went back to its old state of "moistness"

I even bought a huge moisture absorbing bag and that doesn't seem to fix it either. Tried leaving windows open last 5 mins of ride to exchange air

Anyone experience a similar outcome and figure out what it was?

March 04, 2023, 03:34:51 by Redcari30 | Views: 2603 | Comments: 5

Problems & Issues
Hi All

About three  times in the last week the Tachometer is not working and ESP OFF light comes on on crank. Crank is also slower than normal and a bit rough. It seems this is the crank position sensor failing. Turning the car off and restarting has resulted in a normal start and no issues. The part starts at $90 and seems easy enough to install.

My question is : any pitfalls to watch for? It doesn’t seem to need a reset of anything in the computer and is easily located.

GD i30 2013 1.8 Petrol

All help and advise always appreciated with sincerity. Thanks for taking the time !
March 02, 2023, 16:29:49 by LfKoda | Views: 2612 | Comments: 6

Hi, been driving my Hyundai i30's for a while recently bought this, it has been standing for a 5 months without use before I got t, my only worry is this exhaust vapour/smoke.

Going to the Hyundai dealer service in 10 days to change spark plugs and all the oils and liquids and filters. When scanned through obd no faults on the car..

What can cause this vapour? Outside temp is 10+

Here is the video

February 28, 2023, 21:42:39 by BrendanP | Views: 1354 | Comments: 1

TIPS: Engine
I replaced the left upper engine mount at the weekend. Not too hard. First raise the car high enough to get underneath to remove the plastic tray under the engine. Place a trolley jack under the gearbox to take the weight. Disconnect and remove the battery, and unbolt the battery tray. It's a swine to get out because of all the wiring clipped to it, I held it out of the way using a bungee cord.

Unclip the top of the air filter and leave it out of the way. Unplug the cable looms from the ECU then remove the bottom bit of the air filter box, so you now have access to the engine mount. The bolt marked A is hard to get to because of the wiring loom that sits over the head. Remove the 2 screws holding it on, plus the screws holding t...
February 25, 2023, 22:13:51 by allans | Views: 3026 | Comments: 7

Wont Start
I have owned it since one year old! it's been so so reliable over the years, even tows a caravan, but now at 13, it's starting to struggle.   I hope it's something simple, what with the price of used cars currently, i'm hoping to keep this one for a few more years. 

It's a very intermittent issue that has been going on for ages.  I only have this issue once a month or so, I feel taking it to a garage might end up being a money pit, as it may not be picked up, and probably replace parts that are not needed.  Only last week it went in for a service and mot, no issues whatsoever.

Anyway, it all started over a year ago.  The car cranks fine but does not fire up.  At the time, I assumed it was the battery not supplying eno...
February 13, 2023, 10:44:54 by Marioux | Views: 3815 | Comments: 17

Glow Plug
Hello everyone,

I've having trouble starting the car on cold temperatures. On some pretty cold days it was almost impossible (-17). Mechanic had checked glow plugs, battery, fuel filter, air filter. All good. Seems like a fueling problem ? I don't know. I don't get smoke or anything like that. I've put a tester on it and the guy said the tester detects a very high temperature in the exhaust system. I don't know if this would have any connection with the start issue. What do you guys think ? I made a video. Once turned, the car works fine with absolutely no issues. But once it stays a couple of hours in cold weather the issue comes back.

:link: Cold start issues - You...
February 13, 2023, 09:21:28 by GDTourer | Views: 1168 | Comments: 4

I've just bought my third GD Tourer, and I couldn't be happier. Allow me to tell the story...

I took a job as a sales rep in 2014 (still there after 9 years), and bought a brand new i30 Tourer, White, diesel with the manual transmission. Did 100,000km with it, then stupidly thought I should upgrade and bought a brand new Subaru Outback, again diesel with manual transmission. Worst car I've ever owned, had a litany of issues and design faults, and after 50,000km I sold it. I then had a VE Commodore sedan, a VF Commodore wagon and a Hyundai IX35 diesel, but all that time I had regretted selling my i30 Tourer.

So, late 2021, I bit the bullet after finding another GD Tourer, but this time with the 1.6 GDi Petrol engine and...
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