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Moisture/condensation 24/7

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Hello guys. I am having a bit of an issue with condensation and moisture in my late 2012 1.6 crdi.

Every time i go to my car its full of condensation on every window, especially prevelant on the rear. Any thing in the luggage is noticably moist too.

I always run the ac on and have tried leaving it on for long ride (3 hours) until the car was as dry as it can be.

Day after condensation wasnt bad but after that day it became went back to its old state of "moistness"

I even bought a huge moisture absorbing bag and that doesn't seem to fix it either. Tried leaving windows open last 5 mins of ride to exchange air

Anyone experience a similar outcome and figure out what it was?

The only thing I can think of is there being a patch of rust next to the reverse camera but it dosent seem to actually breach and even then theres covers and whatnot inbetween so would that even be an issue?

Thankful for any suggestions. Its not that much of an issue, sitting a few mins while it dries but its probably not great for anything electrical/mold could become an issue

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Check your boot floor, my wagon kept doing this at the rear, after seeing water in the spare wheel well I checked the 2 side wells, the left one was 3 inches deep. Water had been getting in via the fuel filler lock seal and the rubber fuel filler seal, I adjusted the lock mechanism and resealed the lot with black automotive silicone.

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I had a problem with a Rover 75 where the air extract vent was loose  and allowing water to stream into the boot. The previous owner had drilled holes in the spare wheel well to allow water to drain off, but it had also soaked the carpets under the rear seats and the foam in the rear seat cushions had soaked it up like a sponge. I took out the seats so they could dry out, and dried out the carpets with an electric fan heater, placing blocks of wood under the carpets so the warm air could dry them out from underneath. The air vent was concealed under the rear bumper, I had to take it off and clip the vent back into place, problem solved.

On the i30 I think the vents are in the rear panel, concealed under the bumper. I would feel around for any damp carpets or hidden pools of water that are providing a constant source of moisture. The Rover also suffered from leaves blocking the drain hole near the cabin filter, so that would get wet and make the incoming air moist.
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