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HOW TO: reprogram key fob not working after battery change

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I have a 2021 i30 N line. It had a low battery warning for a key fob. I am the only driver so I only use 1 key and I didn't have the right battery or time to change the key fob battery then so I got the spare out and left it in a drawer for a while so I presume it's gone completely flat. I finally got around to buying and swapping the battery on the flat one and it doesn't work now. I've double checked the battery is in the right way and it has power because the little red light on the remote flashes when I push a button. The battery definitely has charge because it's brand new and to troubleshoot I swapped the battery with the one in the working remote. I am guessing because it went completely flat the remote has forgotten the car or something. I've tried reading the manual and searching online, but it appears they just want you to take it to Hyundai. I dropped in to the dealer hoping they would just need to educate me and they said I need to book in and will likely cost me $160! If the keys broken it should be under warranty. If just needs to be flashed to reprogram the remote then $160 sounds ridiculous not to mention the inconvenience and extra time off work, etc. Other cars I've had if the remote forgets the car you can reprogram it yourself by putting key to acc, holding down buttons etc. Is there a way to do this myself???! (If not this sounds like a real design flaw. I'm worried if the other remote goes I'd have to get the car towed to the dealer)
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