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Gear Indicator?

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Hi guys,
So I've had my auto 12 plate i30 for 2 months. I've had some issues with it jerking between gears and really slow to move but was told from the dealer that this was normal for a diesel and to not worry. Foolish me believed him.
Cue a week ago, I was doing my fortnightly 75 mile commute to collect my son from his Dad and suddenly the car keeps slipping from Drive into Neutral. It wouldn't lock into Drive at all. I had to call my Dad to rescue me. He's the only one to drive the car other than me. By the time we got back home, he had a list of a faults with it.
It's now in the garage with the Dealer being a bit dodgy about fixing it at all.
Among the list of issues are the fact that the car doesn't even register that it has a gear box at all, that it doesn't move until it gets to 2000 rpm, the manual gear selection doesn't work at all, the car only has 2nd and 3rd gear and just revs the hell out of the engine beyond 50mph, cruise control doesn't work, that the linkage (?) is jammed/broken and some bolt has been sheered off and everything is jumping around under the bonnet.
Basically the garage said it's screwed and the £1k 3 month warrantee the Dealer gave me won't cover it.
Now it seems like the big things are covered and the Dealer will hopefully pay for the repairs, but I was wondering whether the car should have a gear indicator on the dash. My Dad and the guy at the garage assumed it would and were surprised when there was nothing there, but I previously had the i20 and there was nothing on the dash to indicate whether I was in Park or Drive or Reverse. Should a 12 plate automatic i30 have some kind of display to show the gear selection? Could this be another thing connected to the gear box issues or is there nothing there?
I apologise for the rambling. It's been quite the week.
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