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Harsh gear changes with auto trans

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I bought an 2010 i30cw almost a year ago and didn’t notice during the test drive that the auto trans is harsh shifting down gears sometimes when braking to a stop, and sometimes slow to engage reverse. Shifting up gears is also sometimes harsh, or slow. It’s done about 240,000km, but doesn’t seem to have worsened since it was purchased.

Abit of googling found this common issue on a review website :link: AustralianCar.Reviews: #1 for Reviews and Used Car Valuations but I can’t seem to find any pairs here.  I’ve cut and pasted the paragraph from the other site in the likelihood the weblink breaks in future.

For Hyundai FD i30cw vehicles with automatic transmissions – and which had petrol or diesel engines – there were widespread cases of defective valve bodies. Symptoms of a defective valve body include:
Abrupt gear shifts;
When decelerating, a jolt or thud as it shifts down to a lower gear; and,
A delay when engaging reverse.
To fix, the valve body had to be replaced – it is understood that the valve body costs around $1400 and that the replacement cost, including installation, can be around $2300. It is understood that Hyundai developed a revised valve body.

I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue and how much it cost to repair?  I’m likely to take it to a transmission specialist rather than a Hyundai dealer (due to previously multiple bad experiences).
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I had this on an FD. I was lucky in that it happened shortly after I bought it from a dealer so we went halves on the replacement. It was $5k NZ all up for a new valve body, so I paid 2.5.

I suspect the auto box fluid needs to be changed every 50,000 km or so. I have heard rumors that the FD at least, the auto trans runs warm, which could explain the fluid breakdown
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