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FD Auto CRDi CW doing 8.3L/100km - should I expect better?

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I've bought a second-hand FD CW diesel auto with 120K on the clock

I drive about 30% motorway, 40% highway and 30% stop-start local roads, with the aircon on

I'm only getting 8.3L/100km. This is calculated by measuring the km between filling to the brim.

I was expecting better because 5 years ago I had pretty much the same care in a manual and used to get about 5.5-6L / 100km with a different location but much the same mix of local/highway/motorway. If anything my driving style has become more sedate since then - I now tend to cruise in the outside lane 5-10km/hr under the speed limit

I've looked at getting it tuned but the quote was $1500 . Even if that shaved off 1L per 100km driven, it doesn't stack up.

I've increased my tire-pressure to 36psi all-round
Is there anything else I could (or shoudl) do?
Or is it more the age of the car + it's an auto, and that's how things are?
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I have a 2010 CW 1.6 CRDI auto and regularly would get about 700kms to a tank around town which works out to about 7.85L/100km.

On my CW I removed the roof racks and was very surprised to gain another 100km per tank (so about 800kms per tank , 6.87L/100km)

Out on the highway I get about 1000kms to a tank (5.5L/100km).

The manual version has much better economy at around 4L/100km on the highway

I run 37 psi for the front tires and 35 psi in the rear.

My I30 is over 230,000kms.

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