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Engine Head removal to remove stuck glow plugs

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It's all relative, but I think since I'm 200m from the beach right now with a blustery cool breeze, yes I'm probably am Einstein. how's that blistering hot extinct Volcano you're sitting on right now? :P

Ein, it was a mere 41 degrees in the shade.   :spitty: .... you at the beach?  :wacko: .... wimp
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Good to hear you got it sorted in the end mate.

I changed mine a while back, 1 & 4 where hell to get out of my 2010 i30. WD40 2 days before, then 1 day before, then warm engine + a 2 way digital torque wrench did the trick. Took a lot of patience and grunt , but with the Torque wrench it gave me at least somewhat of a hope that i wasn't going to snap the head off the glow plugs.
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