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Grindy gear shifting and EXTREMELY low clutch bite point.

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Hi people :). I just bought an used 2010 hyundai i30 fd 1.6 crdi 116 hp, 5speed manual, 120k miles. I like everything about the car. The only problem is gear shifting is HARD and very grindy at times and clutch biting point is extremely low, right off the carpet. The ex owner had a new clutch installed about 1k miles before selling it to me. I changed the transmission fluid with no result, had my mechanic examine my clutch, no leakage in the cylinders whatsoever. I have read a lot about the clutch damper so I wanted to try that. Is it better if I replace the damper with a new one(mitsubishi equivalent), or bypass it and put a sump plug in there? Thank you so much!
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Hi disastrouswerd.
This was a very much discussed issue when I bought my first i30 which was a 2010 same as yours.  Personally, I never noticed much of a problem but there were many others who complained.  As far as I recall, most of the complainants adjusted their driving to accommodate the clutch's peculiarities. Good luck disastrouswerd, maybe someone more knowledgeable than I will have something to contribute  :goodjob:

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I have this issue. I have replaced the clutch AND replaced the dampener. Mine was never this bad and has got steadily worse. In a week or so it goes in to have master / slave cylinder replaced. That's the only thing left!

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Replacing the slave cylinder is a fairly easy and relatively low cost job, so worth considering. I've replaced the damper with a Mitsubishi part and fitted a blanking plug which helped for a short time, but eventually a new clutch was required. I made a youtube video 'Hyundai i30 clutch after 250K miles' so you can see how it wears out. If the clutch master or slave cylinders are leaking, if someone presses the clutch pedal down while you watch the slave cylinder, and the release lever stays in the same position after a few minutes, they shouldn't be leaking. If the lever slowly moves back there's a leak. Or just pull the rubber boot off the end of the slave cylinder to see if it's wet underneath. If someone has already replaced the clutch I hope they would have checked that already.
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