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Strange central locking issue

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Hi guys newbie here, i have a 2014 hyundai i30 1.4 crdi classic. Now the problem I'm having is that my car will not lock at all with the doors shut? With any door open you push lock on key fob or lock button in dash you can hear the motors trying to work. With doors shut nothing you can hear a slight electrical buzz from fuse box area but motors don't actuate🤯😱. But push unlock with doors  closed you can hear motors working and indicators blink. Not sure if it's relevant but there's no door open chime when key is in the ignition. Thanks in advance for any ideas
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My first suspicion would be a faulty door lock somewhere. Work through leaving one door open at a time to see any indicative behaviour.
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Hi, also check the heath and charge of the battery, and as previouly suggested manually lock one door at a time from the inside, and try the fob.

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If you're hearing a noise from the fusebox I would check to see if there is a loose connection to the fuse for the door locks, or if there are any signs that the wiring has overheated. If the connection is loose this means the joint resistance is high and the volt-drop means the voltage at the door actuator may not be high enough to lock it. It may take less current to unlock the doors which is why it seems ok when opening. That's just speculation on my part. It would be odd if all 4 locks were faulty, which is why it is more likely to be a common fault like a bad connection at the fuse, weak battery, or if there's a relay which actually switches the power to the locks, it could be that relay which is faulty or the connections where it plugs in.

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