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i30 2009 - gear change issues

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Hi all,

I am having an issue with changing gear I wondered if you could help with. Car is hyaundi i30 2009 manual.

We got the car recently, changing gear was stiff but not impossible. It got steadily worse. When we took it to Hyaundi garage they said it needed a new clutch. We got the clutch replaced (clutch kit only not slave cylinder), and it was much better to begin with. However after 45 minutes to an hour of driving (in one journey) the gears became very stiff and eventually impossible to change (particularly getting into 1st). The clutch doesn't feel spongey, just the actual gear stick is extremely difficult to change. We had to finish the journey in second gear as we couldn't risk getting stuck in neutral. Does anyone have any advice?

Many thanks
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most probably clutch master cylinder needed to be changed too.
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just the actual gear stick is extremely difficult to change

It's been known for the gear cable linkages to stretch, leading to what you're experiencing.
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