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Head Unit freezing issues - sick of pulling the fuse!

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I've read through quite a few other forum posts but can't quite find the exact same problem (plenty similar!) so am posting here. Going to try to be as thorough as I can so apologies for the long post.

My headunit loves to freeze to the point of needing to manually pull the fuse frequently.

Sometime within the last 12 or so months, when I was driving to work (seemed to be on colder mornings initially) and had my bluetooth connected to play music/podcast, the headunit would freeze.
At first once I got to my destination and turned the car off, the headunit would turn off and be back to working fine to get home.
Then, one time it didn't turn off (without me realising) and i came down after a day of work to a flat battery.

It started happening more frequently, and I would often have to use a paperclip to reset the head unit as it wouldn't turn off when I turned the car off and pulled the key out.

Then, the reset button trick wouldn't work, and I now have a set of pliers in my car in order to pull the fuse if I can't get the headunit to turn off. I've had to do this several times.

It is ONLY ever when the bluetooth is connected. I've tried forgetting and repairing the blue tooth - didn't help.
I now never have my bluetooth even on, or connected, but I would like to try and fix this (myself if possible) because I enjoy chatting to people on the phone via my car's bluetooth on long drives.
If I ever forget to turn my phone's bluetooth off and it pairs (even without playing anything), the headunit freezes with minutes and only resets with a fuse pull.

Is there anything I can do to try and fix this before I resign myself (and my wallet) to an auto elec?
Thank you very much for your help!!!!
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Long shot, but did you end up getting this problem rectified? 

I think my i30 is currently experiencing a similar fault - starting with the head unit freezing while driving but the issue resolving after restarting the car, then the head unit froze and stayed on even when the car was turned off, and then staying on even after disconnecting and reconnecting the multimedia fuse to reset it, resulting in the head unit draining the battery even when the car was off. 

I currently have the head unit disconnected to stop the battery drain and am looking for solutions on how to fix this that aren't overly costly, as I was just quoted $1800 by a local mechanic to have the stereo replaced with an aftermarket one. 

Hope you were able to find a quick and easy fix!
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