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Replacement speedo cluster questions FD

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Good day all I have recently had my FD speedo cluster led go blank and I went to a wrecker and bought a replacement so I can get the trip  and distance to empty functions back. When I swapped the first one it was all good the speedo worked the led centre lit up but I could not switch between modes ie trip a trip b and kilometres to empty feature, and the brake warning light and abs light stayed on ( the original dash these lights go out after starting) . All good they had another one so I fitted that one and the exact same thing happened....no switching between modes and the same warning lights lighting up.   Is there any way to get the new dash working properly? odometer works speedo works just the led screen between the speedo and tacho wont switch when you press the trip button. Any advice will be appreciated
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My techician/engineer career background points to the panel not being to blame for this particular set of problems. Substitution twice over would suggest you focus on what's going wrong at the connectors or beyond.
I'd try the original again to see if you get those functions back. If so, there may be some difference in versions affecting connections.
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