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August 11, 2023, 22:05:26 by Toontjelager | Views: 2059 | Comments: 2

Hello, I have a Hyundai I30 1.4 petrol FD from 2011. The engine is G4FA 109 HP.

I need new o-rings in the timing cover for the oil pump. I can't find them, and also no information about the size. There are 2 o-rings for sealing the oil pump. Does anybody know the diameter and thickness of these o-rings?

Thanks in advance, best regards, Toon
August 10, 2023, 23:16:51 by Hendrik1081 | Views: 2112 | Comments: 5

Hi everyone,

New day, new problem!  :happydance: Yesterday, the drive side window on my i30 stopped working. All other windows work perfectly fine. I can still here a click from the front right when I push or pull the control switch, but nothing happens. My first try was to disconnect the battery in an attempt to do a reset and I fully charged the battery over night to make sure it isn't a voltage problem. The problem however persists. I found a lot of info on failing power windows in the previous model i30, but not about the GD.

Did anyone here have the same problem and if so, most importantly, what is the solution?

August 06, 2023, 18:13:49 by JpHyundaiFan | Views: 3510 | Comments: 11

Spark Plug
My i30 is: Hyundai i30 5d 1,6 GDI ISG Innovation 2013, 99,00kW
I tried to find recommended spark plugs from manual, but it does not mention it.
Is there any website to find it? The car part shops have a service where I can tell my model and they tell which are suitable, but can I trust them? Or can you recommend?

I noticed the part shop recommends "NGK SILZKR6B10E" which the NGK website also seems recommends.

And thanks so far, was able to change oil (created my own wooden ramps, if anybody wants to see I can send a pic) , change the filters and tires. Next planning to change spark plugs.

Or does spark plug change belong to professionals because they need adjusting (I saw a video which says that i...
July 31, 2023, 06:18:30 by Hendrik1081 | Views: 3456 | Comments: 9

G'day everyone,

My i30 has developed an ugly rattle on cold start (165k kms, full service history), I'm suspecting a dead timing chain tensioner but obviously not quite sure. Just did a service 3,000kms ago with oem oil and filter. Does anyone have a manual that describes the replacement of the tensioner? Does the whole timing chain cover need to come off? On my trusty old BMW M60 V8 the timing chain tensioner replacement took a 15 minutes, so I thought on this little pocket engine it can't be too much of a hassle? I will record a video of a cold start shortly for comparison.

Any help is appreciated.


July 27, 2023, 13:52:16 by Psalcedas | Views: 2194 | Comments: 2

Hi guys,
I have a Hyundi I30 1.6 crdi Comfort+Navi from March 2018.
It has the original battery.
It seems that the battery is in need to be replaced.
Is there any special procedures in the replacement because of the start&stop sistem and because of the electronic part if the car? Or it can be changed like a regular battery?
Any help will be welcome.
Best regards
July 20, 2023, 03:37:10 by Mateyevans | Views: 3977 | Comments: 26

Problems & Issues
G'day, I have an i30 Auto GD D251E 08/2013~03/2017 PETROL 1.8 litre. I just recently replaced my rotors and brake pads. I returned the brake calipers back in with opening the break fluid cap instead of bleading the brakes. Most people on YouTube recommended doing this way. After a little while the traction control light came on and the car went into limp mode. I checked it again a bit later and everything was good again. It came on and off a few times then the engine light came on a couple of times. Every time I drove the car every was good but after a few minutes the traction and engine lights would come on. I checked the brake fluid reservoir and it had risen to the top and took some out. Now sometimes the engine light is on without the t...
July 17, 2023, 18:03:54 by Andy421 | Views: 2041 | Comments: 2

I bought a second hand 2012 i30 last year, 180km on the clock. I have a very annoying issue at the moment. it only starts on longer drives.... after about 15 mins of driving at spreed, a resonating noise starts, seems to come from the front. I've linked the sound file.
Recent work to try resolve the issue, 4 new hankook tyes, all balanced, bent tie rods were replaced and bearings done too.

The noise is not all the time, it comes and goes every few minutes. Its pretty loud and alarming for any passengers. In the clip, when the noise drops off that is me touching the brakes.... could it be a loose brake calliper or something like that? Really weird that for the first 15 to 20 mins of driving there is no noise. Any help much ap...
July 09, 2023, 08:19:52 by Pento | Views: 2809 | Comments: 3

Door Locking
Having some issues with passanger door and tailgate. Wont lock. Can I get access to wiring diagrams on here somewhere. Also are KIA and Hyundai locks interchangable? Got a secondhand lock but the connectors are different ,as are the number and colours of the wires. TIA

July 01, 2023, 03:24:36 by ThatDanoBloke | Views: 2038 | Comments: 5

I'm kinda scared of getting ripped off here, as these things cost a fair bit, considering it's just a piece of plastic and some clips.

I went to Hyundai, Adelaide, they basically said they have 1 option available and it's in Sydney and it's probably Clear. Quite surprised by that actually, thanks anyway, Hyundai.

So, I've shopped around, I can only find 1 smoke bonnet protector for my car, and I don't think it's the genuine Hyundai part. See ebay listing.

:link: Premium Quality Bonnet Protector Tinted Glass for Hyundai i30 GD 2012-201...
June 24, 2023, 16:25:09 by Keeny1979 | Views: 3497 | Comments: 19

Does anyone have any ideas on this,

We changed the wheels on My lads 2016 i30 to wheels from a Kona as he needed tyres, both sets of wheels have 433mhz tpms sensors in and I have read the codes from the new wheels and input them into the ECU by obd relearn using an autel its600 tool.

But the light keeps coming back on with an auto relearn failure and RF channel failure on all channels, all sensors are confirmed as stored in the ECU.

Does anyone know if I need the exact sensors of should Kona ones work?


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